The Struggle

by Sampson

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This is a collection of songs I've written over the last year or so. That being said this album describes the mess that has been me during that time. Like all my albums so far I try to also motivate people to be better or even just open an eye or two.. I hope you like and be sure to check out the artists that have been so awesome in letting me use their track and even have produced tracks just for this album.



released January 18, 2014

Jack Pearcy -

Same Type Attack Bonus -

Astro Logic -

Diamond Machine -



all rights reserved


Sampson Ontario, New York

I'm just a poet trying to fulfill his dream

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Track Name: My Hate
I fuckin hate this shit
Through all of this
I am here
Starting over again
I thought I had it figured out
Thought that I was finally in a good spot
World flipped and Reset button hit
Once again thrown back into the pit

How many tests must I pass
O dear god
Why are you such an ass
I tried to believe you
Things are suppose to get better
Instead they've gotten worse
I feel like you've put me onto a curse
Now I am filled with hate and regret
I drink to you but it's to fuckin forget
False truths brings real tears
forcefully bonded with pain
But who the fuck really cares

To survive you need real strength
Fuck the words of an image
I'm always two seconds from the flip
That's where you say the wrong thing
I black out and make you go limp

I use to be eternally sad
Now that shit is replaced
Tears turned to flames, beyond mad.

My god
I'm tryin to cut you from my world
You are not my creator
She's dead and I fuckin miss her

We are supposed to just believe
Look where that has gotten us
A world filled with people that just bend over and receive
Fuck that and fuck you
I don't care if I'm goin to hell
While I'm at it
Satan can get fucked too
Track Name: Imitation
Rhymes with limitation
Maybe no more than a simple coincidence
The relationship is much like cookies and milk
only… nowhere near as good or delicious
See I spent a lot of time trying to fit in
As we all do
but never seeming to find my spot in the puzzle
I always wanted to be that universal piece
When I first started writing poetry
I wanted to sound just like Shihan
But soon realized his talent was so far and beyond
Going further back into the boss jeans period of my life
I needed baggy pants because other dudes had them
My mother refused… I was annoyed, frustrated
I got wound up in what they said was cool
I wanted to be that popular fool
That's the demon
And he runs through every school

Point is.. I spent much of my life in overwhelming insecurity
I missed out
I missed out on life in it's true meaning and purity
See if you are ever to truly be yourself
You need to stop imitating
because being other people only leads to confusion
Physical and mental bruising
Shadows will never know true purpose
only that of the person they follow..

Be true
Live for yourself
Live for you
Track Name: Old Thoughts
I wake up everyday wondering
Will it be nice
Will my head start thundering
Will it be a good day
will I wish to go back and get away
I try my hardest to live quiet and cool
Happiness that doesn't need a tool
Keep the drugs
I'm set on finding more hugs
Lookin for the repellant
To get rid of all these green bugs

Haunted and blessed
Troubled with a bullet proof vest
Remember what is deep within my chest
Ain't no such thing as perfect
Flaws in every educated guess

Everyone striving to stay off their back
What's the point
Living for false hope
money doesn't tell you jack
No sense in hustlin in a world addicted to crack
A place set ablaze
By a government hack
We know but we don't
Empty sack

You can't question that in which you know the answer
so you sit and look for another pretty dancer
Forcefully blinded
I'm original but I'm not
Minds drowning in a sea of cancer

It sucks that that's my sign
I guess I'll face facts
I'm always dyin
Maybe I should just roll with it
Getting tired of this poetic cryin
Sick of this desire to live
But I can't stop tryin
Desire is my heart
Courage is those wings that keep me flying

I drink to forget
But instead I learned some new things regret
I always say I'm done
But this time I'm willing to bet
Can't live anymore with this mental debt

Born at a loss
Land of the free
Such freedom that always has a boss
I hope to live to see the walls crumble
A day when true justice decides to mosh

Head up
Chest out
Don't listen to misery shout
When that bitch comes looking
Rip her eyes out
Track Name: The Girl
She drives me nuts
The one that's different from these other sluts
All about this girl
The band-aid to all my cuts
The one that puts up with my shit
And gets me out of these fuckin ruts

I don't know if she gets it
The love I have for her
Just thinking about it..
My speech begins to slur

Love drunk for days now
Cold as fuck out and I don't get the slightest burr
How did this even occur

Her smile runs my brain
Soul For Real
Candy Rain
Have you ever loved someoneSo much you thought you'd die
Let me save you from all your past, present and future pain

Maybe this is all too soon
But I can't take it back
Feelings stacking up like a sand dune
Maybe I'm dreaming
Sometimes it feels like a cartoon
But I know she got me like I got her
Day in and day out.. noon to noon

I'm an airplane and she's my propeller
I'm always gonna be messed up
But I got so much love and I'm not afraid to tell her
Track Name: Great Friends
Great friends don't ever realize they are so
Great friends are often caught in between
We take unnecessary heat
We stand by but adjust to the scene
We are the people with the most love
Often haunted by the past that's been
We stand by your side
Hate on us if you must
But we are here for the whole ride
You see we don't care about heaven or hell
You need us just knock
Ring the fuckin bell
Great friends fight to the death
We listen to every yell

Livin with pressure every day
One night you hate us
But we know in the end, it'll be okay

Love.. soo much love
Great friends will always be there
No matter how much you say your done and you don't care

Great friends take care of other great friends because we know the battles..
We know the struggles..
Track Name: Ventilation
It's crazy to think
That these demons of mine
Just might win
I am destined to change this world
But I can't seem to figure out anything

It's not a matter of being smart
It's not a matter of how skilled I am
The world tells me I have to struggle
no paper
Stuck breathing this shit vapor

I'm frustrated
need millions
wasted dreams
They be stealing billions
Fuck this
chug down another killians
Fuck me
Fuck my own feelings

The demons in me fester
No breaks
They don't run on semester
F-5 stronger than brock lesnar
They tease my heart
Every day they scream "test her...test her!"

All I want to do is chill
All I want is peace
How do I fix this
Someone hand me a pill
Isn't that the fixer
take a pill, life elixir
I have to do this
so sick of being in the pisser

It's not a matter of being smart
It's not a matter of how skilled I am
The world tells me I have to struggle
no paper
stuck breathing shit vapor

I'm frustrated
need millions
wasted dreams
They be stealing billions
Fuck this
chug down another killians
Fuck me
Fuck my own feelings

Can't breath
weeze cough
hate seethe
Knock it off
Keep your head up
Too soft

If you've never been
than you can't see it
You can't win
You can't tell me shit
World full of sin
Rinse and repeat
fuck this sadness and everything
Track Name: Separating Birds
I'll never quite understand
How we got caught
How we managed to get trapped in this quicksand

Maybe the fault was none of our own
Maybe it was a matter of situation
such struggle that leaves so many alone

It's not that I don't love her
It's not that I don't want this to work
I just don't know how
The troubles of the past
Have us on different courses now

Just seem so different
Who we were and who we are
In this sort of skill I have not yet become proficient

This journey to find myself
Has separated me from her
I realize what it is I want in life
But it appears she does not concur

I would still give everything to help
I would save her from every demon
Answer every troubling yell

Like I said, It is not a love thing
Just two birds flying to different tunes
I am just now learning the song I want to sing
Track Name: My Obsession
This obsessionTo try to get my feet wet
To get my legacy set
The United Connection
My Poetry
Changing this world I'm dead set

Reviving the roots to this old treeThis fire burns wild
No more wasted time for me

I'm tired of this prison
Free me from this pit
You hate this too?
Effort… where is it?
You can not change this world by talking shit

Take one step
Take another and don't quit
Don't know where to start?
So many issues out there, take your pick
We have no problem telling the stories
But when it comes to the work, we all fall sick

Is there no meaning left?
Are we that scared to change how this book is written?

Society never got passed the rough draft
but here we are scared and smitten.

Are we just so used to the wrong?
Are we so used to the harmful ways of the past that threaten our future?
The birds no longer sing
How miss their morning song

I stand frustrated
This path will only see us fall.
You will have no legacy
Not a name in history to recall
This has always been our court and it's time for us to steal back the ball

Change does not have be huge
Everything starts small
Yhe ending product will be so profound
That the souls of millions will return to their bodies and raise up from the ground

If you ever see someone suffocating
Lend them your breath
Stick out your hand
Pull them away from death

This world does not need to be a battleground
Think less with your fists and more with the beat in your chest
Track Name: Final Shot
Setting out on an adventure
To battle the clouds
Still got life, no dentures
Fighting the gauntlet
Balls out, no sensors

Fired red blood
Boots on
Trucking through this bullshit mud
Determined body
Invincible mind
my best bud
Can't stop
Won't stop
Closet full of crud
Slash and dash
Victorious flood

My worst enemy was doubt
Dumped that bitch out
Eat shit
So sick of that shout
Ring ring
My final shot
Title bout

I gotta beat this
Clear thoughts
I'm ready
Give it all I got
Clear piss
Sick of that spot
Can't be just another dot
Give up?
This whole life I fought

A must win
Life on the line
This rage, how long has it been
Give it all for my kin
Philosophical sin

Teach life
Guiding strife
Showing what's real
Thoughtful knife

Mission to correct
Politically wrong
Peacefully erect
one two
Are you ready?
Better check
Mental guns up
Hit the deck
Track Name: And The Truth Is
Sometimes I wish I lived in a box
Away from this world
Away from everything and everyone in it
Away from myself

I often wonder my place
This gift of life
In a world full of disgrace
Every effort that is made
Leaves me with nothing but a bad taste

Always alone..
Even when I'm there I'm not
Talking things out is useless
If I don't write
Then my thoughts begin to rot

I get tired of listening
Don't care much for the pains of this world
Don't care about the news and little efforts of change
You thinks it's fucked up
But my vibe has always been strange

This world will crash and it will burn
Then the truth of everyone will rise
I wish more people didn't like me
Because sometimes, I am the only person that I despise

How can you be so cold
Because that's what my past has foretold
Numb to everything
I can survive anything

After awhile you get use to being broken
That's when you say fuck it and become outspoken
Speaking the truth despite who's there
I'm not the one to tell what you want to hear
I'm the one to tell you those words you fear
Simply put, I just don't fucking care