The Real Recession

from by Sampson

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And I’ve tried to forget
About all the shit that has happened
Things I’ve seen
Things I’ve heard
How many bullet holes does it really take
To see that shit is fucked up
How many bombs have to explode
To see exactly why people dive into a bottle of booze
You question the integrity of us
Yet you still bicker and show us brainwashing news
Fuck your damn agenda
Keep your politics away from me
I want no part of your game
Hidden monster that has one name
… Us

I never went to college because what’s the point
Half of us can’t find jobs even with a degree
And again I’m sorry but holy fuck is it pricey
Furthering our debt for an ideal that just isn’t true
Yea I’ve worked shit jobs most of my life
But even with a master’s degree
So do some of you

We fight for this damn country
That’s led by people who could give a shit
Counting their wallets
While another innocent soul gets thrown into a ditch
People wake up in a new hell everyday
But still we worry about how much we get paid
Kids are born ready for war
Another woman forcefully laid
How can you not see what’s wrong

Stop the disgrace
Tears are running down our face
The real war is in our hearts
But we are just so use to the chase

So much talent that I never got to meet
I’m losing family every other day it seems
But I just bought this new shirt, it’s pretty neat…

We are dying inside
Overdosing on depression
Stressed because we can’t break free
The real recession


from The SoundCloud Sessions, released February 23, 2015



all rights reserved


Sampson Ontario, New York

I'm just a poet trying to fulfill his dream

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