Sampsonite I Was Way Off

by Sampson

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Sampson Ontario, New York

I'm just a poet trying to fulfill his dream

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Track Name: Poetry
My creativity
My survival
My motivation to keep going can be found in my poetry

In my poetry I bring everything that matters
Everything that keeps me up and down
From deep pain to the fact that I'm scared of a clown
From thoughts of suicide years back
To how I wish that word would forever drown

You see, poetry is not something someone should grade
So much passion is thrown into each line
Emotions sharper than any blade
The feeling poetry gives me
Makes me shine brighter than rims on an escalade

Without this art
I would of never seen my son
I would of never found my heart
I fell so far
poetry gave me the restart

It helped me stand again
Gave me courage to move again
Helped me make the toughest choices
Poetry is my eternal friend

When you can't see the way out
When your voice is gone
and your tears no longer shout
Poetry will be there
Your coach to get you ready for the next bout
Track Name: Perfection
Do you ever wonder about perfection?
What if it did exist as more than an opinion
What if there was a perfect something
I can tell you I have never seen it
Never heard of it through any TV
Never read about it through any paper
Never felt it through any form of fabric

we spend many nights dreaming about it
thinking about it
whenever we are crying inside
whenever hell has taken us for another ride
I don't know the way
It can not be bought
Maybe it starts with a clear minded thought

We don't have many of those these days
Too much hate and pre-determined rights and wrongs
Too much money hunger and bullshit songs
Too much jealousy for others
Because happiness is something our heart longs

We fight for it
Kill for it
Never ending attempts to steal perfection
If it did exist
We are only traveling farther from it

For me perfection is a state of mind
A level of confidence that only you can find
When you stop caring about false truth
and false dreams that keep us on this never-ending grind..
Track Name: 508
Never lose faith in where you come from
New Bedford, my home
Forever and always
That city is in my soul
Those streets forever engraved into my mind

I moved away and my old self fell out of line
If you live to forget
Than kiss yourself goodbye
your history can not become just another regret
You can't will away the past
Just like you can't wish away debt
You must embrace the good and the bad
plant your feet and get set

I am a better person because of the 508
Because of my home
I can handle just about any weight
I've dealt with so much right out of the gate
Your home is never a place you can truly hate
You are never ever alone
because your home is always there to be your date

I tried to leave and start new
The minute I left I began missing all of you
I am not myself without the company of family
Without my crew
I've learned so much being our here
But now I think it's time to come back

Time to rediscover the parts about me that I missed
I come back aware and educated
I come looking for the hug because I've already had the cheap kiss

I come back ready to work
To help my family
To separate myself from that other jerk
Track Name: A Little Story For Everyone
After a few drinks at the bar, I said "see ya later" in a slightly buzzed tone
coming home with a now empty wallet
A little drunk so shadows behind me were unknown
Looking for an easy target
They must of seen where I left and that I was going alone
with the Key in the door to my complex
The weakest punch I have ever known
But the gun in my face put me in a hex
"Give me your wallet"
That's what the thief said next

I tell them it's empty
I show them it's empty
I was just as scared as they
First time
Struck stupid and just wanting to get away

"okay here you go"
Took the wallet and bolted
Plan B they didn't know
Police said they probably just threw it out in the snow…

I remember being happy my wife and son where not home
I remind myself she had my card while on the phone
I will never forget that night
I stay out of the dark now and never travel alone.
Track Name: Can't Judge
Why are we so quick to label
So quick to sort each other out

Like change spread out on the table
I am a fuckin wave of the sea
I have no religion
so why does your judgement affect me?

take these knives out my mind
release this mental strain
So much struggle
Guess it's time to bring down the rain

How many times must we be forced to live in a question
be like this and like that
I'm so sick of that word, suggestion
it is amazing the impact of someone's wordsboth good and bad
a second can you turn from happy to sad
Feeling alone to glad

I Don't need your approval
I know I'm good
we live in this free world
that walks under a hood
I'm tired of that
break free of these chains
knock down these walls with my mental bat
These thoughts turned to bullets
Ready to shoot down these nightmares
rat a tat tat

And you just never know
the limits of a person
how long they got until they blow

This is not a playful game
No broadway show
So think of the message you want to send
Because some people may be a lot the end
Some people are fed up
ready to break because they spent too long.. trying to bend